STNA Rep Teams

STNA Rep Team Policy

Thank you to all players for attending the 2020 STNA representative trials on Sunday 19/7/2020.
We appreciate this year has seen a different format for trials to comply with the current restrictions in place. Thank you to parents for your patience supporting this process.
Many thanks to our Umpires, selectors & coaches for giving up your Sunday. A smooth process as a result.
Players not selected this year, thank you for attending, we wish you well for your season ahead and encourage you to re trial next year.
Congratulations and good luck to our successful squads for the 2020 Carnival season.
STNA 2020 Rep Teams
11 Gold
Ruby Kaye Cripps Waratah
Sophie Clay Cripps Waratah
Violet Bennett Cripps Waratah
Heidi Turnbull Huon Valley
Kirra Doyle Huon Valley
Charli Cordwell Huon Valley
Lindsay Stevanovich Karana Flames
Matilda Lamb Karana Flames
Charli Fitzgerald OHA
Coach Jasmin Bennett

12 Gold
Julia Sorensen AYC
Tia Mills AYC
Alyssa Mayne AYC
Maddie Linnell AYC
Holly Richardson Cripps Waratah
Bailey Van Den Broek Huon Valley
Maiya Wood Karana Flames
Mackenzie Graves Kingston Blues
Meredy Brook SENA Suns
Coach Sonja Fletcher

13 Gold
Matilda Kaye Cripps Waratah
Isobel Ferguson Cripps Waratah
Mel Bremner Cripps Waratah
Lucy Booth Cripps Waratah
Sienna Nowland Karana Flames
Lucy Job Karana Flames
Mia Anderson Karana Flames
Aimee Bean Karana Flames
Rianna Scott Karana Flames
Chloe Broomhall Karana Flames
Coach Rose Browning

13 Blue
Sophie Bentley Cripps Waratah
Lily Harper Cripps Waratah
Caitlin Stevanovich Karana Flames
Lily McConnon Karana Flames
Ava Loring Kilburn
Mikayla Kelleher Karana Flames
Emily Cooper Kilburn
Imogen Atwell Kilburn
Hannah Zalstein Kilburn
Margot Reid Palena Panthers
Coach Stephanie Cooper

14 Gold
Caitlin Turner Cripps Waratah
Matilda Franklin Cripps Waratah
Maya Armstrong Cripps Waratah
Bella Zielinski Cripps Waratah
Mackenzie Williams Cripps Waratah
Abbey Geappen Cripps Waratah
Jessica Owen Karana Flames
Lily Carpenter Karana Flames
Jess Weeding Palena Panthers
Coach Amber Zielinski
Coach Fiona Geappen

14 Blue
Chloe Quinn Cripps Waratah
Bronte Johnston Cripps Waratah
Abbie Barwick Cripps Waratah
Holli Fitzgerald Cripps Waratah
Amity Jakubiszyn Cripps Waratah
Brianna Lovell Huon Valley
Sienna Greene Huon Valley
Ella Maw Palena Panthers
Laura Scott Palena Panthers
Coach Jo Blair

15 Gold
Jordyn Banks Cripps Waratah
Kendylle Byers Cripps Waratah
Mackenzie Ford Cripps Waratah
Mackenzie Banks Cripps Waratah
Madison Lamb Karana Flames
Bellah Parker Kingston Blues
Grace White Palena Panthers
Lily Ransley Palena Panthers
Georgia Clark Palena Panthers
Coach Karen Leonard

17 Gold
Georgia Pyke Arrows
Ashlea Turner Cripps Waratah
Alexia Smith Cripps Waratah
Olivia Read Cripps Waratah
Anita Eberstein Cripps Waratah
Jessica Scott Cripps Waratah
Sophie Pidgeon Cripps Waratah
Renee Eiszele Karana Flames
Amelia McMahon Kingston Blues
Coach Aaron Pidgeon
Coach Clair Jones

17 Blue
Ruby Eastwood AYC
Drew Dennis Cripps Waratah
Abby Brown Cripps Waratah
Macy Bresnehan Cripps Waratah
Ella Booth Cripps Waratah
Amber Davies Cripps Waratah
Olivia Cummins Cripps Waratah
Imogen Brown Cripps Waratah
Frances Reid Palena Panthers
Coach Norm Dennis
Coach Marissa Brown

Please see Carnivals we are attending for 2020 below:
Carnival Date Location
NTNA Carnival Sunday 30 August Launceston
DNA Carnival Sunday 27 September Devonport
KNA Carnival Sat-Sun 17-18 Oct Kingston
STNA Carnival Sun 8 November Creek Road

STNA Rep Team Player Online Registration - Closed

STNA Rep Team Coach Online Application - Closed

• To be eligible for selections players must complete this form and return it the STNA Office by no later than 14 July 2020 or complete online registration via STNA
• Please note there is a $20 levy per selected Rep Team player for the year